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Social Media Marketing Insights

CBI Magazine did an article in this month’s edition on using Social Media in the club business.  As most of you know the entire subject of internet marketing has been a huge focus of mine for the past 3 years.  I’m putting the link to the article here because many of you might not get the magazine since you need to be a member.

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Great Example of Using Internet

A large percentage of questions I get these days at seminars is about how to use the Internet more effectively.  I find that teaching theory is one thing but people do better when I give examples.  In this week’s tutorial I am showing you a great example of how one retailer is using basic internet strategies to get new customers and get repeat purchases.  This 5 minute video has great visuals too.  I usually just embed the video below my posting but lately–because my videos are getting a decent number of views, I have to disable the embed feature to prevent people from hacking my videos and putting their ads in the front of them!  Pathetic but the downside to driving traffic to your site.  LOL  So, here’s the YouTube link.   And, please do me a favor and like this (vote on it below the video) or make a comment back on YouTube.  It helps my rating.  :)

2D Bar Code Marketing

If you haven’t already seen an example of 2D bar codes on marketing pieces then you have to check this video out. Heck, even if you have it is interesting to explore the health club possibilities. This past year Esquire was the first big name in the US to use them and they did it not in ads but in creating an interactive element to their traditional magazine. I think it is fascinating. After you watch it let me know if your club is using this and, if so, how?

Clever Joint Marketing Idea to Prompt Creativity

We know that joint marketing efforts are proving to be some of the most successful and least costly in a clubs marketing plan these days.  Jay Abraham said, “If you want to inprove your business by 10% study what successful people in your industry are doing and  model them.  However, if you want to increase your business by 100% go outside your industry and see what others are doing and take it back to yours.”  In this short video I show you a clever idea I came across the other day while traveling.  What are your thoughts or ideas?  Leave a comment.

How easy it is to make a video

At the NEHRSA (New England Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) convention last week I gave a 3 hour workshop on Internet Marketing.  I was showing the group how easy it was to use the Kodak Zi8 video.  Although I cut part of my head off, it is easy!  Hear what one attendee had to say; good tip for us all.

Using Technology with Guerrilla Marketing

Now, what I’m going to show you in this video is totally cool! I can see the possibilities of using this type of gadget in health club sales. What do you think? It’s less than a 4 minute video.

Your club CAN tap into the
Power of Social Media Marketing

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Every club operator knows they should be doing more with social media but often they site the inability to create enough content to keep up with posts, comments and tweets!  In this short video I will share with you the secret that makes conent creation a lot easier.